Meet Our People

Selection Process

The selection process for RALP is very rigorous; it has been designed to help you understand Reliance well and to ensure you get answers to all your questions before you make your decision. Similarly, through this process, we expect to get to know you better, see what makes you tick and how we can support your career.

Application process

Interested professionals must apply for RALP through this website (click here to go to the application page).


The applicants will be shortlisted based on a number of criteria such as academic achievements, extra-curricular achievements and leadership displayed at work. Every application will be reviewed by experienced recruiters. In your application, you must focus on your individual achievements and your contribution to team achievements. It is advisable to include a prioritized set of information that positions you best.

Interview process

We are keen to personally get to know each of the outstanding candidates who apply. Accordingly, we have designed a rigorous process that will allow us to closely understand you and your potential for success at Reliance. During your interviews you can expect to meet a cross-section of Reliance leaders and external experts.


RALP 2012 Brochure